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Editorial thanks


SUMNER — Thanks to The Courier editorial board for having the gumption to write about the civil asset forfeiture laws. These are one more thing sneaked in under the radar by law enforcement lobbyists, and our lawmakers don’t have the backbone to tell them no for fear of being labeled “soft on crime.”

The common citizens didn’t initiate and push for such legalized theft/government tyranny. Its another example of runaway big government power.

Also, thanks for the editorials on climate change. The deniers of these are usually 1) big money/big business. If they had to convert to a nonpollution mode, it would reduce their profits, and 2) the radical religious extremists. If they had to admit human activity is causing climate change, they’d also have to admit that birth control is necessary.

Equality Day


CEDAR FALLS — Thank you to Mayor Quentin Hart and the Waterloo City Council for designating Aug. 26 as Women’s Equality Day with a proclamation that the city of Waterloo recognizes the commemoration of that day in 1920 on which the women of America won their right to vote.

Trump’s turnover


CEDAR FALLS — Some wonder why Donald Trump brings people into the White House for a time and then gets rid of them. This is my take: He sees capable people as a threat to himself. So he puts them in a position where he can find out what they think and how they operate. If they challenge him in any way or don’t make him look superior, he has to get rid of them. Telling them they are fired reminds himself of how powerful he is.

There are times when Trump makes a rational declaration, but he seems incapable of following up on it when other people become involved. Once again, he has to prove his superiority. He is incapable of moving this country forward when he needs to fight about every issue. The blundering may well be his way of covering up his inabilities.

Know history


WATERLOO — History and the Bible have some things in common such as people interpreting both to fit their viewpoint. Take for instance a recent letter to the editor in which Civil War History was presented wrong.

1) Lincoln’s first inaugural address in which he mentions non-interfering states rights of owning, buying and selling human beings. This was a failed attempt to prevent a Civil War, later corrected by his Emancipation Proclamation.

2) The confederate vice president was not picked on for his thinking negros were not equal, for it was the general opinion in slave-holding states.

3) There were 1.1 million casualties of the Civil War through combat, combat wounds and disease. President Trump’s remarks on the shame of Charlottesville Aug. 15 were disgraceful. It is time the Congress, the Senate and the GOP stop beseeching and start impeaching President Trump.

History lesson


CEDAR FALLS — If anyone doubts slavery was the heart and soul of the Civil War they should look to those who fought the war. The good people of Cedar Falls, for example, sent hundreds of their sons into that war knowing that slavery not only degraded black people, it endangered white workers as well.

Henry Perkins, editor of the Cedar Falls Gazette, wrote in 1861: “Does anyone for a moment suppose that if the South should be successful, it would re-establish a government like the present, like the one it is now endeavoring to destroy? If there are any such let them dismiss the thought immediately. A government founded by the slave oligarchy, with slavery as the cornerstone must, of necessity, be hostile to freedom. Mechanics, laborers, farmers, how do they speak of you today? Do they not call serfs, white-slaves, mud-sills, and every opprobrious epithet a pampered and haughty aristocracy can invent. Should the Southern cause prevail the condition of the middle and laboring classes of the North would be on the same footing as those in Poland or Hungary.”


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