Trump and McCain


WAVERLY — Our commander in chief’s debasement of the man and the professional military career of Sen. John McCain is beneath contempt and any vestige of respect. Trump states he does not feature prisoners of war as heroes. Unlike the senator, a fighter pilot who was tortured at great length, who was engaged in combat, was captured, tortured and permanently crippled, the president avoided military service. McCain was willing to lay down his life for his country. Trump was not.

In view of his erratic rancor and bloviating blather about knowing more than the generals, pompously bleated for the world to hear, does he have the capacity and self-control to steadfastly lead during a major war? Does he have any of the capacities of a Washington, Lincoln, Grant, Wilson, Roosevelt, Truman or an Eisenhower? Is he capable of competently performing under extreme duress?

Such questions suggest significant danger if a supreme commander is unable to respect the judgments of the leaders of the armed forces and instead irresponsibly carries on as an obstreperous know-it-all

What then of the fate of a nation?

Send him packing


CEDAR FALLS — Make America Great Again. How? By asking your congressperson to put a muzzle on Donnie Trump so we don’t have to put up with his condescending remarks about other people, and his focus on Mar-A-Lago rather than the issues that affect American citizens who look for solutions to their issues.

He treats Air Force One (when will he learn how to properly salute?) as his personal toy for his jet-setting on totally unnecessary trips that are mostly designed to further his personal gain and the Trump organization. Now he is bashing Barbara Bush for her comments in a book she wrote. Whatever happened to speaking good rather than evil about the deceased.

Contact Grassley, Scalise, McConnell and anyone else who should be able to muzzle Trump. It’s been said America has always been great.

It can only be made better by getting Trump removed from office so he can focus on his agenda in building his empire with his family collusion.

I am a proud American and a Vietnam veteran who served this country with pride. Send Trump packing to a boot camp where he can learn respect for others.

Troubling list

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CEDAR FALLS — Congratulations and thanks to Steve Wikert for documenting the list of troubling contacts by Trump team with Russia in the past three years (April 7 guest column). And thanks to the Courier for publishing Wikert’s article since a great deal of the editorial space seems to be devoted to fearmongering about “socialism” and “Democratic extremism.” Mr. Wikert’s list does not even include disgraceful behavior at Helsinki where Trump publicly accepted the word of Putin over the U.S. intelligence community consensus on Russian meddling. Anyone who reads this list and is not immediately appalled by the behavior of the president and concerned about the future of our democracy is not being very vigilant.

One truly frightening aspect of the Trump-Russian collaboration is 35 percent of American adults couldn’t care less that an adversary foreign government influenced the outcome of our national election. The list Wikert documented included many that were covered up with lies or secrecy and were eventually dug up by investigators. Another troublesome thought is how many more incidents were there that have not yet been discovered and what was the nature of those additional Trump-Russian interactions. Like Mr. Wikert, I am worried about the precedent for future elections.

The border


CEDAR FALLS — Migrants crossing the border are increasing. They have to build new processing centers to help. Security can’t keep up.

Migrants don’t bring new life into the U.S. They bring their life with them.

Those opposed to a wall should house — take in — 10 or more migrants, and they would see what a problem this is.

CF school vote


CEDAR FALLS — The Cedar Falls Board of Education has conflicts of interest. The husband of one is the architectural designer who is coming up with ever-increasing new high school designs. Although she will recuse herself, that cannot be overlooked. Another has a major interest in the land surrounding the “free” land. That person will also recuse themselves, but, the problem is, what if they were going to vote no on the school vote?

I trust that Eric Giddens’ post will be filled with someone who is fiscally responsible. We want to see the two bids for the $84 million remodeling cost and the $86 million for the March new school cost. Where the heck did the $110 million new school figure (28 percent explosion from the $86 million) come from, in the Courier editorial?

Finally, what $82 million business goes this far without actual bids and not just “estimates” based on Iowa City, Ankeny and Waukee crown jewels? They just raised our taxes 4 percent and with all the unanswered questions, we must vote no to send a strong message that we will not roll over for the grand larceny that they are wanting us to grant them on June 25.

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