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Clayton rebuttal

Waverly American Association of University Women Board: Kim Folkers; Jen Peters; Sheree Covert; Karen Lehmann; Ann Henninger; Katherine Beane Hanson; Caroline Engelbrect; Deb Loers; Sharon Abram

WAVERLY -- As long-time members and current board members of the AAUW Waverly Branch, we were disgusted by Dennis Clayson’s sarcastic Nov. 19 column on sexual harassment.

In keeping with AAUW’s mission to promote equity for women and girls, we cannot support Clayson’s blatant attack on women -- especially women who are standing up for their legal and ethical right to be treated equitably and respectfully. He claims women who bring charges against sexual predators are only “politically and cash-driven.” Worse yet, his definition of “women” includes underage girls as he asks why the big fuss about a highly visible elected official who likes teenage girls. He finishes with “Don’t we all think getting a little kinky around the edges is just a bit cool?” For someone whose profession includes daily contact with young women, his insinuations are all the more disturbing.

We support balanced coverage of issues in the media and understand The Courier justifies Clayson’s column as a nod to the “conservative” perspective. However, he has gone beyond any conservative or partisan rhetoric in his clear disdain for the legal and equitable treatment of women. We believe the time is right for The Courier to review whether Dennis Clayson’s column has a place in its paper going forward.

Culture collapse


WATERLOO -- In the USA, our traditional, Western Judeo-Christian culture is collapsing. It is not collapsing because it failed. On the contrary, we have experienced the freest and most prosperous society in human history. The culture is collapsing because we are abandoning it. Starting in the mid-1960's, we have thrown away the values, morals and standards that define traditional Western culture. In part, this has been driven by cultural radicals, people who hate our Judeo-Christian culture. Dominant in the elite, especially in the universities, the media and the entertainment industry, the culture radicals have successfully pushed an agenda of moral relativism, militant secularism, and sexual and social liberation.

President Trump is providing policies that will reverse the trends. Are we wise enough to support him?

Two thoughts


CEDAR FALLS -- You know, we're always going to have more than one thought on how this country should operate. Just two, personal responsibility and freeloading. Direct opposites. Do for yourself or have someone provide for you. Earn your own living or sponge off someone else. You get the picture.

We basically have a two-party system, and you can choose which is which. Dependency or independence. The able-bodied should be working and not collecting from the government monthly. Yes, we have certain people that will always need assistance, and another group that needs constant care, and several groups in between. I said able-bodied. There are jobs out there, and although they may not be the one you want, it should be the one you take until there's something better.

I observed from a distance the food bank the other day. Some there had a whole trunk full. Some were driving some pretty nice cars. And then we have those that sell their "snap cards" so they can buy their beer and cigarettes. Maybe I should volunteer at the food bank, but I would get fired because I would ask questions.

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