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Calling senators


CEDAR FALLS -- Sens. Ernst and Grassley: I am a constituent from Cedar Falls.

Trump is implicated in the investigation into Russian interference in the very election that put him into office.

This means any Trump nomination for Supreme Court Justice would be suspect.

Trump's nomination of Kavanaugh is doubly suspect because Kavanaugh, to a seeming prejudicial degree, favors executive precedence over any checks and balances, including the judiciary.

I know you can see this as a threat to the rule of law. I know you see Trump's progress toward one-man rule. You must act to postpone any Supreme Court nominations until the investigation is complete.

Clayson column


CEDAR FALLS -- I read the Sept. 2 column by Dennis Clayson with the well-measured and not-at-all-unhinged title, "The blind bigotry of liberals." It is one long screed directed toward not a politician, professional pundit, nor political scientist. It is actually directed at an anonymous online commenter on a website Mr. Clayson doesn't take time to reference. One wonders if Clayson also engages in shouting matches with graffiti written on bathroom walls, because that seems roughly as effective as his efforts here to use a newspaper to debate an online chatterbug.

Of course, he doesn't really respond to the alleged subject of his ire. Different paragraphs begin: "In case you missed the point, the writer was saying," "The writer is actually saying," and "This is what the writer is actually saying." You see, it wasn't enough for Mr. Clayson to scour the web for easy targets, he actually had to build up a stack of strawmen to make it an argument he felt like he could win.

He actually asks, "What does it actually mean to be 'intolerant' of race, ethnicity, gender? How is it possible?" For countless examples, perhaps the University of Northern Iowa library could provide the professor with a remedial history textbook?

Conflict, not war


WATERLOO -- We can all agree John McCain is a true hero, having spent over five years in the Hanoi Hilton and experiencing excruciating torture on a daily basis. I would like to point out, however, that although the media refers to the Vietnam war, it was not a war but a conflict. This is also true for the Korean conflict and the Iraq conflict. Our last actual war was over Dec. 31, 1946.



DECORAH -- As some Dish Network customers know we/they are unable to receive local KWWL because of a minor contract dispute. KWWL is owned by Quincy Media Inc., a large media company out of Illinois.

But to the issue here, Dish customers pay about $2 a month to receive KWWL. A lot of people can and do get their signal for free via an antenna, but we are out of range here in Decorah. So why if people can get KWWL for free should the rest of us be forced to pay them and the cable companies to watch their programming?

They make money off of us for something that is free. It's a racket; they should be ashamed that they cut people off, but greed is all it's about.

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