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NFL protest


CEDAR FALLS — The writer of the Sept. 27 editorial, “NFL players have right to protest,” does not seem to understand the First Amendment. It states “Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech.”

Employers have always had the right to restrict what a person says and demonstrates on the job, therefore your criticism of the president is way off base. When you bring politics into your business (which the NFL is) you risk alienating half of your customers (in this case more than half). The NFL has made what history will look back on as the dumbest business decision ever.

GOP tax plan


TRIPOLI — If you studied key elements of the GOP tax plan you may have noticed billionaires will be able pass their fortunes on untaxed, even if it was earned by capital gains, and with the elimination of the alternative minimum tax, many people who make a billion dollars a year will pay no taxes at all. The only Donald Trump tax return we have seen showed he paid $5 million in taxes. Without the AMT, he would have paid nothing. For those of you who are asking just how this helps the working class, you must understand Republican economics:

Tax cuts are always good. Taxes are always bad.

Tax cuts will always boost the economy.

When tax cuts don’t boost the economy it’s the fault of the Democrats.

Deficits are bad except when Republicans are in office.

Domestic spending is bad. Defense spending is good.

Spending on health care is bad. Spending to give the rich bigger tax breaks is good.

The only social issues worth caring about are abortion, guns and god. Other social issues are socialism and bad.

There is no racism. Only Democrats and Black Lives Matter are racist.

I think that sums up Republican/conservative/tea/Trumpism. Understand?

Free speech


CEDAR FALLS — The headline of the Sept. 27 Courier editorial read “NFL players have a right to protest.” However, in the same edition on page C5 in an article written by Jimmy Golen of The Associated Press there is some clarity to that overarching statement.

“The right to free speech is defined in the First Amendment, which reads: ‘Congress shall make no law.... abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press.’”

So, it is the government that cannot restrict speech. An employer may restrict the right of an employee to protest on company time. Thus, the NFL players’ right is given by the owners not the First Amendment. It’s a business decision.

I say this selfishly. I get enough political rhetoric from sources I expect to get it from. But, I just want to watch a game or show or go eat a pizza at a restaurant and not have to see or listen to political commentary there. Hopefully, business owners will exercise their rights appropriately.


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