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Support firefighters


CEDAR FALLS — Mark your calendars for 7 p.m. Oct. 16 to attend the Cedar Falls City Council meeting to stand in support and solidarity of newly retired Capt. Sharon Regenold, and others, in bringing forth the firefighters’ safety issues brought about by the downsizing within their unit.

Regenold’s courageous decision to sacrifice her entire career and livelihood was fear-based; fear for her safety, fears which were repeatedly addressed with superior(s) but never resolved.

If Regenold can make those sacrifices, then each of us ought to be able to find enough time on the 16th to let the mayor and council members know we care about what’s going on in our city, and we care about issues that confront our firefighters and their families. These issues, too, may at any time, potentially affect any of us if their services are ever needed.

You will not need to say anything Oct. 16. However, those of you who want to will be limited to five minutes. These are important issues, so please light up the sky and help spread the word.

Finding peace


WATERLOO — One’s choices will determine one’s destination. Let us take the time to ponder this. Life is so precious, yet so short. God has given us his image. We are to have the fruit of the spirit at all times.

We don’t have to take a look at or listen to the news to see what’s going on in the world today. Just take a look around, within your own world, and listen. Jesus is speaking to your hearts. He is pleading with each of us, knocking on the door of our hearts. Will you let him in? Hebrews 3:15 reads: “As had just been said, today, if he will hear his voice, harden not your hearts.”

Jesus has prepared a place for you and for me. Peace can only come through peace in Jesus Christ.

Mayor or manager


CEDAR FALLS — The idea is the elected officials, both mayor and council members, create public policy thus giving all taxpayers equal access to the formulation of the public policy. The idea was the decisions made, as a body, would benefit the entire voter base. Political hijacking of public policy in replacing the mayor with a city manager and using the city attorney is wrong.

When Cedar Falls converts into a city manager-type of government, removing the duties from the mayor/City Council could cause mismanagement or corruption. This type of change in city government has failed in many cities. It is obvious in how public monies are allocated to things such as street repair/replacement and business developments. The original idea in Cedar Falls was to reduce costs; then the most obvious is to eliminate the city manager’s position. This would save $200,000 per year in salary and benefits.

This would be the most common-sense approach to a nonelected position. When you give power to one person, that is a recipe for disaster. The voters have been left out of the University Avenue project, Main Street project and now they are being left out of the city policy.


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