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Election ads


WATERLOO — I will be so glad when election season is over! Bold-faced lies on TV are absolutely disgusting. The Supreme Court allowed unfettered political money without accountability! We do not even get to know the names of the liars, slanderers, cheaters and crooks trying to influence politics for their own gain.

The federal election commission is worthless. Iowa can and should demand accountability in political advertising and making the names of donors to these groups known. The Supreme Court put democracy in grave trouble by allowing secret contributions. Iowa can correct this damage as other states have.

Political ads


WATERLOO — As election day nears, the number of political ads seem to increase exponentially, and the majority of those ads, for candidates in both political parties, disparage their opponents. I’m sure not the only person who is tired of the extreme number of ads and their negative content. I’ve heard this will be the most expensive midterm election on record. While I believe in the election process and the need for candidates to campaign, I also believe we must limit the obscene amount of money being spent and the barrage of ads we have to endure.

I propose that for every dollar spent for a political ad, a dollar will be given to benefit our community, state or country. Ads for local candidates will have an equal amount spent for the common good of the local community. Similarly, ads for candidates in district, state, or national campaigns will also produce funding for activities of a larger scope (cancer research, drug addiction, environment, crime, et cetera).

If this were to happen, I would welcome all those political ads, knowing that monies were also being spent to actually benefit all of us.

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