Honor Flight


EVANSDALE -- May 7 was the 24th Cedar Valley Honor Flight out of Waterloo honoring 97 veterans for their service. It was another successful day spent with a grandson or son or a new friend. And it was another great welcome home. It makes me tear up every time I shake the hands of my brothers and sisters in arms and welcome them home.

A special thanks to all who came out to give them a big welcome home, and a special thanks to the Girl Scouts from Cedar Falls who passed out cookies to the vets; to the two Dolph boys on passing out the pillowcases to our vets and the ladies who sewed them.

I always will remember the Korean vet who, when he was given the pillowcase, said it stay with him forever. "Now I can go home and have good dreams." And lastly, thanks to the great board members and our robotics team from La Porte City who with the Knights of Columbus led the procession of the veterans, along with all our vet riders with Ol' Glory. God bless to those men and women who served.

CAFOs and water


WATERLOO -- Iowa is proliferated with thousands of confined animal feeding operations, and the matrix, designed at the very beginning of this huge business, is not working. The authors at the time they formulated a matrix for CAFOs could not imagine or foresee what dimensions it has taken on.

Today Iowa has 750 severely impaired waters and Iowans are warned not to swim, canoe, kayak, fish or do anything in line with enjoying our streams, rivers and lakes.

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There are an accumulation of factors contributing to this situation, but CAFOs are definitely a major source of the pollution.

Even Black Hawk County has seriously polluted private wells. This is a serious problem since private wells are not required to be tested, so only a fraction of families using their own well water know to what extent they are drinking pollutants. Black Hawk County wells tested positive for coliform bacteria as well as nitrate. Thousands of Iowans rely on private wells for their household drinking water. Over 4,300 wells measured positive for bacteria every time they were tested.

Please support a resolution for a moratorium on CAFOs.

Selling parks


WATERLOO -- Of course builders are clamoring for property from city parks. Who wouldn't want a building lot for "hey hey, ONLY a dollar, hey hey what a deal!"?

You don't see citizens get a lot for a dollar, only builders. It's insane the city gives away property for only a dollar without bids or profit sharing, especially to former city officials. The director of leisure services complains about mowing these lawns; what a farce. Get some backbone! City foresters cut down ash trees on the Miriam park property transferred to Waterloo Schools. Who paid for that? This is NOT about parks. This is about getting cheap land for favored contractors.

Editor’s note: The city of Waterloo has not proposed selling park land for $1 to anybody at this point.

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