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GOP tax cut


WATERLOO — With Congressman Blum’s help, do the extremely wealthy people of America need another tax cut? When you are making millions already, maybe you could spare a few dollars to help society operate a little more smoothly. Congressman Blum has voted to help pass a “huge” tax cut that will indeed give a few dollars back to average wage earners, but the largest benefits accrue to those in the millions-plus income level. This tax cut will increase the deficit by $1.46 trillion. Just like our Republicans at the Iowa Statehouse led by Gov. Kim Reynolds, the tax cut fever has gripped our nation’s leaders. Will this panacea as an answer to our economic woes will trickle down to us all if we are patient? The Brookings Institute has analyzed the Trump tax plan and found it will decrease income by $10 trillion over the next decade. So, should we be at all concerned about debts and deficits? It seemed to be a big deal when President Obama was in charge. The concern has suddenly melted away like the butter on our corn on the cob.

Medicaid problem


CEDAR FALLS — Reynolds dismisses Medicaid review. That’s the headline for an article in The Courier on May 24. Once again our governor is defending the administration’s “mishandling” of Medicaid. She admits mistakes made by the switch to privatized Medicaid. Again she admits it’s a failed program but refuses to correct the massive problem ex-Gov. Terry Branstad created, on his own by his own stroke of his pen, I might add.

She says they are focused on Iowans and making sure vulnerable Iowans have access to services they deserve. I’d like her to show us exactly what she means. Funding and services have continued to decline under this administration’s policies. We need a new governor, someone who not only recognizes the problem but also takes the steps to correct it. She flatly refuses to fix it. That really says a lot about her character to me. I personally don’t care how long it took her to get through college raising children. She’s not the exception. What’s that got to do with her inexcusable actions to actually correct a wrong to help the mentally disabled that has been imposed on more than 600,000 mentally disabled. Vulnerable people are suffering. Fix it!

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