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CEDAR FALLS --- There are millions of bogus Social Security numbers currently in use in this country. By legislation or via executive order, the president could require the Social Security Administration inform employers (1) bogus Social Security numbers are being used by their employees , and (2) require the employers to put their wages into escrow accounts until each individual’s Social Security issue is resolved.

The illegals will leave this country of their own accord. Beyond that, all new hires would be required to have their SS numbers verified before being hired. (Unlike the current E-verify system used "only if the employer feels like using it.")

This common-sense approach to Social Security numbers would send current illegal residents packing and serve to block any future hiring of illegals.

Building a physical wall will be nowhere as effective as utilizing the Social Security fencing basically already in place. (It’s just unenforced.) All it lacks is honest politicians who sincerely understand the need to use it. Wouldn't all of our crooked employers in construction, agriculture, manufacturing and hospitality industries howl if there was a mass exodus of their illegal workers?

Trump's support


INDEPENDENCE -- I cannot grasp how a person can claim to be for God and Donald Trump at the same time as the two appear to be diametrically opposed. Nevertheless, if Trump tried to leverage God his evangelicals would simply give him another mulligan.

Trump is the consummate actor. His ability to pretend is almost limitless. Trump pretends to understand the wants, needs and suffering of the working class. How could he possibly understand?

King Midas made his billions off the backs of the working class. Their blood, sweat and tears become his gold. Strange as it may seem, Trump receives much of his support from the working class. Most of his worshipers love him because he has a big mouth. He would be a good choice to lead a lynch mob.

I weep for my nation when I consider that Trump and his fellow conspirators have taken democracy hostage for purposes of political extortion. A government without compromise is not a democracy.

If history has taught us nothing else it has taught us apathy is a dictator. We must not allow the resolve of the virtuous to be trumped by the ambition of the wicked.

Building bridges


CEDAR FALLS --- History has proven again and again: People who build walls are losers, and people who build bridges are winners. The 1961-1989 Berlin Wall was a loser for Russia. American food for Europe for the winters of 1918-1919 and 1945-1946 won respect unequaled in human history.

Where is that nation I served today? I worked for John Deere in eight nations around the world. I have volunteered for English Language Learning in five nations. Why is our nation now fixated on tearing down all of our carefully built bridges all around the world?

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