Remember Israel


WATERLOO -- With all of our problems here in America let's not forget our friends in Israel. They are our best partner in the war against terrorism. They are our best friend. I have been to Israel quite a few times and have friends over there. So I know. Those of us on Sarah's side of the family know without Israel we have no Jerusalem or all our holy sites. So we can't forget them. I sign my name as a friend of Israel.

Fun problem


CEDAR FALLS --- Parking. I saw a recent clever editorial cartoon regarding parking issues in downtown Cedar Falls. There have been recent articles about a lack of parking in downtown and the city has hired a consultant to review the situation. However, there has been little said about why parking is thought to be an issue.

There is actually lots of parking in the downtown. The problem is there are too many people who want to come to downtown Cedar Falls. The old saying "there is no such thing as too much fun!" may be wrong. I just hate going to restaurants that have great food and terrific service because I always have to wait for a table. And why would I go to a busy bar and have to wait for a drink and meet a lot of friends?

Of course shopping in small unique shops that have unusual items instead of basic big box inventory isn't interesting! When I think of fun places I've been I think of Nashville, Boulder, Chicago, Boston, Oklahoma City to name a few. And at all of them I had to walk quite a way.

Yup, downtown Cedar Falls has a "too much fun" problem.

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Increased taxes


HUDSON -- I have a solution to all the increases in this county tax, this city tax, this education tax: Assess a 50 percent county income tax on every dollar earned within Black Hawk County. Then maybe the (Dan) Trelkas and (Tony) Thompsons, various educational institutions, and city governments will stop the constant increases in city and county property taxes.

I'm being facetious, of course, with the 50 percent, but at the same time I see a countywide income tax coming at some point, or you'll continue to see the constant nitpicking increases every year. Know what's not going up? Social Security checks or small pension checks. Black Hawk County has a large retired population governments forget about.

My answer is to kiss the place I've called home for some 70 years goodbye, because I can no longer afford to live here. Think about that, city and county government, when you approve the next tax increase: Who does it affect the hardest?

Animal rights


SUMNER -- I blame religion for the cruelty that's done to animals. Anyone can be a sport hunter or trapper, or do any kind of cruelty to animals, and be a top-notch member of any church. In religion, only humans matter. The Bible is hostile to animal rights, and is not supportive of women's rights, either.

If any bills are proposed in the Iowa Legislature to stop cruelty to animals, it gets opposed by hunters, trappers, farmers and any groups that profit from exploitation of animals.

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