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Thanks, Trump


WAVERLY — Trump, thank you. I never in my wildest dreams would ever have believed I would thank Trump. But here goes. Trump, I thank you for:

1. Showing us the depths to which people will go to make money.

2. Revealing what a morally deranged father you are now that it appears you have sucked your own children into your world of crime.

3. Winning the presidency and in the process showing how easy it is to fool 63 million voters.

4. Bringing associates into your fold who are willing to sell out our country.

5. Making it abundantly clear our spineless elected officials are willing to permit you to ruin our institutions to show their shallow and misplaced loyalty.

6. Letting us know in a time of record profits our elected officials are willing to give the wealthy tax breaks that will be funded by the less than wealthy.

7. Revealing the hypocrisy of our federal elected officials whose median income is one million dollars and have 72 percent of their health insurance paid by taxpayers yet voted to stop health insurance for poor, needy children.

8. Reinforcing Lord Acton’s statement — “Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

$1 million


CEDAR FALLS – I wonder if our government could give every citizen who is 60 years old $1 million.

They could retire if they chose, creating jobs for young people. Poor people could help their relatives with college or trade school tuition and give them some hope.

Protecting casinos


LA PORTE CITY – What a great country we live in. We have this wonderful free enterprise system. If I think I can build a better tractor than John Deere, then I can buy property, hire people and start selling tractors. Let the best man win. I can do this with any enterprise I wish. Oops, I cannot do this with a casino.

Our government protects existing casinos from competition by not allowing any other casinos to be built in the same area. The government does this in exchange for a kickback existing casinos take from their patrons. When the mafia does this, the government calls it extortion. As an added incentive, casinos are the only businesses in Iowa the government allows to endanger the health of employees and patrons by not requiring a smoke-free environment. Apparently the government believes requiring this would reduce its “kickback.”

Country View


DUNKERTON — Nobody likes taxes, including me. However, I am pleased the Board of Supervisors are not abandoning the county home without a fight.

If you want an eye-opening experience, take an hour out of your day and visit the home on Dunkerton Road. The place is immaculate and the staff is friendly and dedicated. The residents, for the most part, have no other place to live.

I support the supervisor’s efforts to keep the facility under their care, and trust you will also.

What a great country we live in.

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