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Helping others


DIKE — “It takes a village to raise a child.” This was evident at our foster/adoptive family Christmas party at Grace Lutheran Church in Waterloo on Dec. 11. This community came together by helping the Black Hawk County Foster/Adoptive Family Support Group to provide an unforgettable Christmas party for families — from gifts generously donated by VGM to a blanket and stuffed animal from Furries for Fosters, an organization run by high school student Aaliyah Tournier, to UNI students associated with the Cedar Valley Angels who helped serve our meal. There was also a cookie-decorating station where Donna Timmerman made 500 cut-out sugar cookies and the decorating was organized by Achieving Maximum Potential (AMP) alumni, their coordinator and the Department of Human Services transition specialist, to the mouth-watering lasagna by Chef Crystal Philp.

Even Santa Claus and his helpers made an appearance, along with many volunteers from the Four Oaks Family Connection staff and families. Each family was also gifted a new game from many anonymous community members to promote family game nights within our homes. Fostering and adoption is not for everyone, but everyone can do something. Learn more at Join us in making a difference in a child’s life.

Mobile barber


WATERLOO — William Burt’s dream of a mobile barber shop can only be an arm in reviving a community. I’m not acquainted with this young man, but I consider myself as being one of those having a dog in the fight. In my opinion, it is an awesome idea to bring this dream to this community and beyond.

Restrictions requiring barber shops to be limited to a fixed location are outdated. Similar restrictions used to apply for restaurants. We now have mobile food vendors throughout our community. A mobile barber shop would enhance this community as well as boost individuals’ self-esteem. Surely, there must be precedence in another state where his dream can come to fruition in Iowa or at least an abeyance granted until the particulars are ironed out. We used to have traveling barbers in our community when blacks couldn’t go to white barber shops. This dream could be regulated the same as mobile food vendors. As long as there is running water, hygiene certification (for disease control) and licensed barbers, let’s put this dream in motion.

Credit union tax


FAIRBANK — This is in direct response to Sharon Presnall’s guest opinion column in the Dec. 23 paper. I would like to say these words apply more to the “big banks” than the two big credit unions you spoke of. When I can get twice the interest paid on my savings, CDs and money market at Veridian than I would be getting at a bank I might move my money; when I don’t have to pay $1.50 a month to have a debit card whether I use it or not; when presidents of banks are NOT being paid upper six and seven-figure salaries, THEN come back and we can have a discussion of taxes on credit unions. While we are talking taxes, what kind of taxes are these banks and their presidents paying? I am sure they receive much larger tax refunds and tax credits than us credit union people.

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