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DENVER -- Some years back, Wisconsin Sen. Bill Proxmire originated his "Golden Fleece Award" pertaining to government wasteful spending. Thirty million dollars, two and a half years of high-priced lawyers, along with countless congressmen's wasted time, and with the cloud of Russian collusion hanging over our nation later, and what did they find? Nothing!

Senator Proxmire would of had a hay day!

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Nanny laws


SUMNER -- Our "do-gooder" U.S. and state legislators tried to dump another "nanny law" on us by raising the age to buy tobacco from 18 to 21, even through the 18-year-olds are old enough to fight and die in our wards to defend freedom. We're in the age of nanny laws -- seat belts, possession laws, police breaking into homes and searching for something they think is unhealthy for the occupants. Big government knows what's best for us.

Why don't they outlaw dangerous sports, such as football and boxing? People get themselves banged up and in worse shape that if they became chain smokers.

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