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Assault weapons


WATERLOO — I have a retired police friend in his late 70s. I asked him his thoughts about firearms, especially those that are semi-automatic. He said, and this is my opinion also, that no one except law enforcement and military needs assault weapons. When the Second Amendment was written, the firearms were one-shot muskets and pistols. Everyone had a right to own one or as many as they wanted.

Now assault weapons can deliver multiple discharges by merely squeezing your finger on the trigger. Private citizens do not need these types of firearms. The reason they can is because the National Rifle Association from its inception has paid big money to see that any congressman who is elected or re-elected supports their agenda. I submit that Congress should draft a law that no assault weapons should be produced. The vote on this legislation should be unanimous and sent to the president for his signature. Any legislator who does not support this legislation should be voted out of office. When the law is passed, anyone — and firearm manufacturers included — shall have committed a federal crime with a fine of $1 million or 10 years in a federal prison.



WEST UNION — I was 16 when I arrived in West Onion, Ioway. This town had four grocery stores downtown, five flourishing bars, two clothing stores and a brand new $22 million high school. Heying Foods employed my dad and, along with Schwans, was one of the major employers. They had two shifts and 93 employees under my father’s leadership. Dad retired because they relocated to Panora and ended up a part of Cargill, a private agriprocessor that makes millions.

Today: No bars left, no businesses downtown, one grocery store, and all the factories have left except for Rupp. Our biggest growth industry is prisons charging $30-50 a day for inferior food for the privilege of being caught in the system. Our criminal law system wastes 20 percent of our citizens yet we profit from it immensely. Use “da Google” and go to the Iowa sexual predator list. Once a pervert, always a pervert. (Criminal Justice 101) Recidivism. We now have 26 “reformed” perverts living within 25 miles of our community.

Wow! We have made progress. Is this heaven? No, it’s Ioway. Goodbye, and good luck. Judge ye not lest you be judged yourselves. I used to love this town. What happened?

CF City Council


CEDAR FALLS — The reconsideration of the Kwik Star project in Cedar Falls has many who oppose this project scratching their heads. The restrictions of exparte communication have now been imposed by the city with no further open sharing of ideas and views.

I find this to be a bit unnerving. At no time prior to the Monday night decision were these rules enforced. Residents were free to express their views, opinions and comments with feedback from our council members. Hundreds of phone conversations and written communications occurred between residents and the mayor and council.

As of today, I have no remedy to speak to my elected representative in this matter. My voice has been silenced by city officials at a point where a free flow of information should occur. I urge the city of Cedar Falls to reconsider their stance on exparte communication. We need to work as one voice to successfully continue the growth of the city.


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