Editor's Note: A letter by Robert Sieglaff in the June 12 Courier stated he had sent letters to Sens. Grassley and Ernst but never heard back. A spokesman for Grassley's office said their records show they received a  letter on March 24, 2016, from Sieglaff and sent a response letter to him on March 30, 2016.

Tariffs, subsidies


CHARLES CITY — Folks, if you didn’t already know, the Trump administration is using tariffs to promote his agenda. We, the taxpayers, are paying on both ends. Tariffs are paid by the company that receives the imported goods and the costs are passed on to the consumer by higher prices.

To protect the farmers, subsidy payments will also be paid by the taxpayers. The sad part is the lower income families will bear the cost through an increase in the cost of living.



WATERLOO — Did Trump’s Normandy speech prove he can be presidential when he wants to? Trump’s teleprompter speech — delivered with the appropriately furrowed brow and pauses for dramatic effect — made me so sick that I changed the channel after one minute.

Think about all the brave souls at Normandy who gave their all for this wonderful country and have purple hearts to show for it. Trump had absolutely no idea what he was reading, feels no genuine emotions about the topic, and is a cowardly, self-serving draft dodger who insults actual members of the military with alarming regularity.

The fact that he is praised for not going off the rails on a single occasion is a marker of how far our standards for presidential conduct have fallen.

Old buildings

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CEDAR FALLS — How many of you are tired of seeing buildings abandoned in Waterloo? Seems like more go empty every month, and most seem to be historic buildings. I still have a heavy heart seeing St. Mary’s church/school closed. Now Sacred Heart!

Curious if the city and archdiocese got together and tried making a deal to have some of the students and teachers being displaced from Lowell, use Sacred Heart since the Catholic school enrollment has dropped?

What I’d give to win the lottery, and purchase these types of structures and donate them to people in need. Clean up and save Waterloo’s historic buildings — before they can’t be saved and need demolished.

Ice field ruined


WATERLOO — Four or five years ago an article in the Wall Street Journal told of a project to open up a shipping channel in the Arctic Ocean. They employ 42 ice breakers, have 12 more on order at $1 billion each. This channel leads into the Bering Sea, near Alaska. This open water warms quite readily and has changed the environment dramatically.

It has raised havoc with animal migratory habits in Alaska, decimated aquatic life in the Bering Sea. An ice field the size of Idaho has disappeared.

The current travels to the South Pole and Antarctica up the east of Africa which is where the weather for the Caribbean and the East Coast and much of the U.S. is formed. The ice field, which is being and has been destroyed, was formed over thousands of years and is critical to a stable weather pattern in the U.S. and the Gulf.

I sent letters to Sens. Grassley and Ernst. I never heard from them. The letters were probably trashed by office personnel.

Our weather pattern has been destabilized and we have seen the result in the last few months. Obviously, under the present circumstances, nothing is going to improve.

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