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Prince Harry


WATERLOO — Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan Markle will reside outside the royal residence. Being sixth in line to be king, it’s unlikely he’ll be crowned.

Could Prince Harry’s move be the secret first step ascending to another leadership role within the United Kingdom? He should seek to be elected a member of Parliament, then prime minister. His military and palace experience gives him unique insight to handle both global and domestic problems that might confront a MP/PM.

This role is perfect for him based upon his life experiences, including, but not limited to, his love for a good fight, military training, charity work and submersion in government from birth.

More importantly, Prince Harry is popular with his constituent base because of his compassion and their mutual respect.

His grandmother, father, brother, nephews or niece would be the crown, so it’s perfect syncing of political leadership with the crown.

The duchess as taught by her Hollywood background could assist as he navigates through the political complexities and networks.

A PM Prince Harry would stand shoulder to shoulder with his royal crown relatives. And he would get it based on his merits not birth.



CEDAR FALLS — In response to Noah Reagan’s cartoon printed on the front page of the Opinion section Dec. 23: Santa, as the posted signs indicate on the roadways entering a roundabout, vehicles entering the intersection of a roundabout must yield to all oncoming traffic to the left. Once a gap in traffic appears, safely merge into the roundabout watching for pedestrians and vehicles.

Utilize the turn signal indicator before changing lanes and before exiting.

I hope this remedies Santa’s and all drivers’ questions as to how to navigate a roundabout.



WATERLOO — Donald Trump has single-handedly gutted attempts to attack global warming. He has alienated what has historically been America’s closest allies, and he has endangered the effectiveness of NATO. He has started a trade war that many economists warn is extremely dangerous to the American economy. He has convinced Americans to give the wealthiest individuals a huge tax break while convincing them that helping the poor just enables slackers.

He has managed to reduce medical care in this country claiming he had a better solution. He just hasn’t gotten around to implementing it yet while millions have lost coverage. He has taken credit for programs implemented by President Obama that saved the economy after the disasters created under President George W. Bush.

His neglect created a human disaster in Puerto Rico. He has allowed Russian interference to sway an American election. He has impugned the reputation of the American intelligence community. He has convinced his followers that any news he doesn’t like is “fake new,” and that he is the only reliable source of information Americans can trust.

He is personally profiting from being President, and he is guilty of nepotism.

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