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Social Security


VINTON — “Starving The Beast” is a political strategy being happily employed by American conservatives to limit Social Security spending by cutting taxes. They do this to deprive the working folks of their prepaid benefits now being called entitlements.

This social contract has been around 87 years, and all of us and our bosses have paid for this entitlement since we worked our first part-time jobs as kids. There is ONLY $2.7 trillion available in the securities trust, and $5.1 trillion borrowed against the past trusts is part of the national debt owed to Social Security.

If this new law adds $1 trillion to this loan the numbers will be $1.7 trillion in securities and $6.1 trillion in loans as part of the national debt. This fiasco will reduce the money in securities to only 21.79 percent of the hard-earned money we paid in. They will never pay our money back, then cancel the debt. It means they will kill Social Security. Let that sink in folks.

Plow drivers


WATERLOO — Snow plow drivers are angels! A few years ago I was out shoveling my driveway after a second — in as many days— huge snowfall. I was just starting to shovel the end of my driveway after the snow plow went by (we all know that means big clumps of heavily packed snow). I am retired and can’t afford to have my driveway plowed every time it snows.

I was thinking “thanks a lot” as I looked at the built-up snow I was about to have to shovel and not sure if I was strong enough to do it. I noticed the snow plow was coming down the opposite side of my road and cautiously approaching my driveway. The city snow plow driver motioned for me to back up. He plowed the end of my driveway. It took him a minute to do it.

You know who you are, thank you. Think twice when whipping around a snow plow driver with impatience. If they don’t plow our roads we can’t go anywhere. We need to look out for them, not the other way around.

GOP legislators


CEDAR FALLS — I read in today’s Courier the majority party legislators and governor are committed to cutting Iowa taxes in 2018.

We have a state in which 16,000 children are about to lose health insurance, that has 70,000 Medicaid recipients in health care limbo due to the disappearance of their contracted private insurance carrier, that has underfunded education for the past four-plus years, that has hundreds of lakes and streams too polluted for safe recreation and certainly too polluted as a drinking water source, that has practically abandoned state parks, that has hundreds of inadequate and unsafe bridges, that has a grossly underfunded child protection system, that has eroded the Highway Patrol and public safety agencies so large blocks of rural Iowa have no highway patrol service, that is about to put counties, cities and towns on a starvation diet by not replacing the lost revenue from the previous tax cut, and the only thing the majority party can think about is forcing further revenue reduction.

It is obvious that majority party is hell-bent on the simple-minded idea of “tax relief” rather than serving the needs of Iowa’s citizens.

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