Kinder letters


CEDAR FALLS — Up until recently, we had always enjoyed reading your letters to the editor, especially the comments on people and organizations. Most of the letters seemed to be positive and at least respectful. We don’t know what changed, but now some of the letters are down right mean.

When we were younger, our parents always told us, “If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything at all.” At the time we didn’t give it much thought, but now we realize what good advice that was. It would be nice if others would also follow this advice.

We believe that you can disagree with other people and their political views, but do you have to be so nasty about it? You can disagree and still be kind. We would love to enjoy reading Letters to the Editor again.

State licensing


WAVERLY — Again this session Republicans in the Iowa Legislature are trying to de-license a whole host of professions, including social work, respiratory therapists, physical therapists, cosmetologists, nurses, occupational therapists, etc., by eliminating the Iowa Department of Public Health at the behest of the American Legislative Exchange Council. According to ALEC, research has shown that licensure does not protect the public. However, virtually every other state licenses the same professions, so the data to support that claim does not exist.

Social workers work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, inpatient and outpatient mental health facilities, substance abuse treatment centers, etc. Licensure allows social workers and several other professions to bill private third party payers, Medicare and Medicaid for the services provided. Those billings help support hospitals, mental health facilities and other treatment centers. Without licensure those services are not billable, so de-licensing would have devastating effects on said entities.

Licensure of the professions under the auspices of the IDPH helps protect the public by insuring a minimum level of training as well as providing an avenue for redress when there is an injury.

De-licensing these and other professions via eliminating the IDPH would be reckless.

Trump should go


WATERLOO — From the War of Independence up to Operation Enduring Freedom, 1,319,943 American soldiers, sailors and airmen have died defending our nation and its Constitution. This number does not include wounded or missing in action. When the current president took the oath of office the toadies that surrounded him attempted to educate him about the Constitution of the United States.

They got as far as the Fourth Amendment, and President Trump informed them he was bored in a total disrespect of 1,319,943 dead Americans.

This nation has been grievously wounded by this president, and he and his supporters and must be removed like the vile infection they are in order to save the body of this nation.