Fake news


WATERLOO -- Fake news, as coined by President Trump, means distorted news-giving in an attempt to de-legitimize him with the ultimate aim of removing him from office.

Look at CNN, The Courier and USA Today, we see unremitting hatred shown toward this president. A Dec. 12 editorial in USA Today stated President Trump "is not fit to clean the toilets in the Barrack Obama presidential library or to shine the shoes of George W. Bush." The editorial board of USA Today has never shown this level of revulsion toward any other president.

It is interesting to note that after 17 months of FBI investigation, along with three concurrent Congressional committees and seven months of the Mueller probe, no collusion has been shown between Russia and the Trump administration.

At no cost to U.S. taxpayers and uncontested by the Democratic National Committee, WikiLeaks revealed CNN's own Donna Brazile gave debate questions to Hillary Clinton before a town meeting and CNN worked with the DNC about questions to be asked by Wolf Blitzer to Ted Cruz and Trump.

Let's have one more Congressional committee -- How the News Media is Working to distort the News to Topple President Trump.