You got played


WATERLOO — Here we are a year out from the election of undeniably the most unqualified incompetent narcissist child president our country will likely ever have. Apparently that’s what his voters wanted when they decided ANY outsider would do. Little did they know they would be voting for someone who barely reads, has a limited attention span, frequently makes easily verifiable contradictory statements and calls people names as if he’s still attending junior high.

Other notables: has nominated many (including judges) with little or no experience. He was seen as better than Clinton due to her untrustworthiness, but it’s a verifiable fact hundreds of times over that statements he’s made are knowingly false. Currently, he is on record supporting an accused child molester to be the next senator from Alabama. Lastly, he has an affinity to all things military, but the cowardly truth is he did everything in his power (four deferments) to never have to wear the uniform (pesky bone spurs of which he cannot remember which foot though, hmm).

America wants you to look yourself in the mirror and finally accept that desperate choice resulted in the awful realization: You got played.

Mail problems


WATERLOO — About five to six weeks ago (or longer) we were informed the post office would no longer deliver our mail to our home. The problem is dogs at the neighbor’s house, which is two houses away from me. Calls were directed to Animal Control. No results. The mayor’s office. No results. The post office in Waterloo. No results. The district post office in Cedar Rapids. No results. Senator Grassley’s office. No results.

What seems to be the problem here? One person said they could put boxes up on the corner and we could have a key. So far, no results to that either.

I guess I just can’t figure out why dogs (behind a fence) two doors down can stop the mail. Apparently dogs control the Waterloo Post Office.

People who live closer to her than I do are having mail delivered. Every two or three days we have to go to the post office to claim our mail. Nonsense.

Iowa Medicaid


WATERLOO — In reply to the editorial “Iowa must right Medicaid ship” (Nov. 27), it states that Iowa’s switch from a well-run state program to privatization was a brainchild of former Gov. Terry Branstad. What are the facts that demonstrate Iowa had a well-run state program prior to December 2015?

Having practiced medicine in Waterloo for 34 years, I can emphatically state that oversight of Iowa Medicaid services was completely non-existent. During the same time, my private patients who worked paid taxes and incurred health-plan costs that were subjected to constant insurance review of medications, X-rays, CAT scans, MRIs and admission and forced denials of these goods and services. During the same time frame, none of my Medicaid patients’ needs were ever reviewed or denied by our “well-run state program.”

While a number of my Medicaid patients were disabled, there are others who were more physically fit than private patients I had that despite their disabilities of strokes, cancer, heart disease, renal failure, emphysema and incapacitating rheumatoid arthritis, continued to work, pay taxes and even health care costs.

Now is the time to initiate review of government Medicaid spending.