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Thank yous


WATERLOO -- Hey, God, before the year closes, I'd like to just say thanks:

For being an American, where I’m free to fail or succeed. For parents who gave me the gift of life. For brothers and sisters who love me “just because.” For summers out of school, toy soldiers and Christmas. For Monsignor Duane Brady, who saw Jesus in every human being, born and unborn. For comedians like Carol Burnett, George Carlin, Woody Allen, Rodney Dangerfield and Groucho Marx. For Mr. Blake, who made 12th-grade world history the most enjoyable class in all my school years -- a great memory. For Walter Payton and Secretariat. For President Trump and those who defend this country every day. For Spillville’s Bily Clocks, doctors and nurses, priests and nuns.

For Buddy Holly, Elvis, Chuck Berry, Glen Campbell, Judith Durham, Don Williams, Karen Carpenter and Motown. For Winnie the Pooh, Mother Teresa, police officers, “Seinfeld," “Sanford & Son,” "Laurel and Hardy,” "Beverly Hillbillies,” the poem “Young and Old,” Dr. Jackson Baty, who pushed aspiring teachers to “keep it simple, stupid,” and my wife and kids, who keep it simple for me.

Life’s a good gig.

Dix actions


PARKERSBURG -- State Sen. Bill Dix, R-Shell Rock, ignored the sexual harassment in his Senate staff office, fired the victim and then wouldn’t fire or even discipline the perpetrators. This has resulted in a $1.75 million judgment against the State of Iowa that we, the taxpayers, must pay.

At his press conference, Dix excused himself by saying, "Well, I'm just a farmer, not an HR specialist.” When running for office, Dix was never shy about telling everyone about his great abilities and wisdom, so it is an especial insult to Iowa farmers of this district to now play the dumb hick card as an excuse for incompetence.

I have lots of friends and relatives who are farmers. They would intuitively know it is wrong to fire in retaliation a long-term employee with a good work record within hours of her filling a formal sexual harassment complaint and after having ignored her informal ones.

You don't need to be an HR specialist to know right from wrong, and you shouldn't have to call in outside consultants to determine human decency. If you don't already have that in you, you should not be in public office.

Be responsible


President, Fahr Beverage

WATERLOO -- The holidays are a time to surround yourself with family and friends, eat seasonal treats and toast to what’s to come. Help keep the celebrations going and show concern for the safety of your family, friends and community this holiday season.

If you choose to celebrate the holidays with a “cheers,” always remember to drink responsibly and plan ahead to use a ride-share service, designated driver or public transportation to get to and from your destination safely.

Drunken driving is 100 percent preventable, and it’s up to you to do your part this holiday season to keep the Cedar Valley’s roads safe. That’s why we’re joining Budweiser to celebrate the holidays by reminding everyone to plan ahead for a safe ride home from his or her holiday celebrations.

Over the past 35 years, Anheuser-Busch and its wholesaler partners have invested more than $1 billion in the United States to promote alcohol responsibility and reduce drunken driving, and we are looking forward to continuing this effort through 2018 and beyond.

From everyone at Fahr Beverage, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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