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Cemetery donations


CEDAR FALLS — I had been working to remove headstones from the old Platt’s Pet Cemetery and had pretty much given up hope on removing pets’ remains before the land was developed or farmed. I got a call in August from Richard Beery and he said, “I think we can get these pets out.” Richard knew who to call and now all the pets are at Faithful Friends Pet, which is a part of Garden of Memories in Waterloo.

I owe him such a debt of gratitude along with everyone he lined up to help and support us: Black Hawk Memorial, Black Hawk Rentals, Jack Locke (Locke Funeral Home), Robert Smith and Gosh Galvin and others with the Lockard Group, Wilburt Vault and Garden of Memories made the move possible along with a wonderful group of hands-on volunteers, who worked day after day to dig up and remove remains. We are still in need of donations to complete the markers for the new cemetery.

If anyone could help out, I and all the pets (350-400, our estimate) would be grateful. There is a Veridian account called Platts Cemetery Fund where donations can go or be mailed to 225 Colorado St. in Cedar Falls.

Reeking Marxism


WATERLOO — Marxism and its relatives are not going away anytime soon. Radical feminism and postmodernism are based on the ideas of Karl Marx. The United Nations is grounded in Marxism. America colleges and universities are cesspools of Marxism. The left-wing Democrat Party and the Communist Party USA are nearly identical institutions.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus, the Congressional Black Caucus, the Progressive Democrats of America and the Democratic Socialists of America are all steeped in Marxism. The falsehoods of atheism, materialism, evolution and socialism continue to be set forth before our children and grandchildren. They all reek of Marxism. How will we respond?

Tax bill


WAVERLY — A tax reform could be a good thing. However, the current tax cuts and jobs bill is a con job. Rather than dealing with the inequality of wealth in American, this proposal, put together by the Republican Party, actually increases the inequity by moving more wealth to the top and adding at least one and a half trillion to the deficit, and much more when the promised growth doesn’t happen.

How senators and representatives, who are elected to rule for the people, are in locked step to pass this bill is a disgrace to the citizens and the United States. How can they live with themselves? Apparently their consciences were included when they received the lobbyists’ money.

For a tax “simplification” bill to have 500 pages of explanations means every lobbyist must have included every loophole their clients wanted. Shame for the senators and representatives, and weeping for America.

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