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Letters to the Editor Aug. 3

Letters to the Editor Aug. 3

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Waste of time


WATERLOO -- Wearing a protective mask in public seems like a prudent thing to do, at least until the medical community comes up with a better plan for preventing the spread of COVID-19. Encouraging this behavior is reasonable. However, Waterloo City Councilman Jonathan Grieder’s idea of a “face mask mandate” is a silly waste of discussion time and therefore of his 2nd Ward constituents' money. A mask mandate is likely to be enforced by the city of Waterloo on the same basis as the council’s fireworks regulations. The Courier reports only one citation was issued during July 2019. On to the next agenda item.

Wear a mask


CEDAR FALLS -- I would call myself an evangelical Christian, someone who is committed to family values, fiscally conservative and have even voted Republican in the past. However, none of these things cause me to resist wearing a face mask in public.

Every medical professional I have asked has assured me wearing a face mask is helpful in slowing the spread of COVID-19. The scientific studies I have read also support this.

I am saddened that this has become such a politicized issue. Sure, the CDC told us at the beginning of the virus outbreak that the public did not need to wear masks. However, as they learned more about how the virus spreads, the CDC quickly reversed its stance.

Because there is a possibility that I could have the virus and not know it, I choose to wear a mask in public to protect the lives of those around me. My faith calls me to follow the teachings of the Bible, among which are the call to love my neighbor as myself. As a Christian, wearing a face mask in public seems like a simple and obvious way to practice this teaching.

Speed kills


SUMNER -- That hazard of drivers speeding, even over 100 mph, should be blamed on the motor vehicle manufacturers and on our lawmakers for not forcing them to put tamper-proof speed governors on all vehicles. They know teenagers and hell-on-wheels drivers will buy and drive such killer machines, and there isn’t enough effective law enforcement to properly deal with them.

I heard Remington firearms got sued because they built too much firepower into some guns. Why hasn’t some hot-shot law firm sued the motor vehicle manufacturers for building too much speed and power into their machines, which causes crashes and deaths?

There is an even better solution. Google search for “intelligent speed adaptation,” a system where the vehicle's computer is linked to the GPS so it cannot go faster than the speed limit on any roads.

Just try to get any of the above through our lawmakers, who get their election funding from big money, big business places and people who think their time, profits and schedule are more important than the lives that get sacrificed. To them, freedom means the right to run over other lives.


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