Letter: Truth will win

Letter: Truth will win

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CEDAR FALLS --- In response to last week’s Letters to the Editor, the author of one anti-Trump letter mimicked Rep. Adam Schiff’s opening testimony in the U.S. House impeachment hearings. I can’t comprehend how this person can ignore facts or get them so mixed up. The letter was nonsense, or as Adam Schiff acknowledged afterward, a parody.

One letter described America as being down on its knees. How does American companies creating millions of new jobs; having the lowest unemployment in years; having the NYSE at its highest levels, equal being down on our knees? Or how about successfully passing the new USMCA guidelines. These are not topics you can lie about. After two years of Mueller’s special investigation of the 2016 presidential election, finding no evidence of cheating, how can any sane person not accept these results?

Now liberals without Constitutional jurisdiction in the Senate are being critical of traditional procedures in effect for accepting or rejecting impeachment evidence from the House hearings. Even Nancy Pelosi is hesitating to use the questionable evidence generated by her House leaders. Anyone who watched the House hearings has to be embarrassed by the lack of fairness. We know, in the end, “truth will win out.”



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