Labor laws


CEDAR FALLS -- Congratulations, Stan Smith, on your insightful column March 31. I, too, was appalled by attacks on labor laws and union rights. The gains for working people took 100 years and cost union members hardship -- in some cases their lives. They were not after wealth or ease, but after safety, justice and improvement for their families. It is sickening seeing these hard-won gains vanish at a stroke of a pen.

I used to be idealistic: With good conduct and quality work, I wouldn’t need anybody to protect me. Wrong! Good people were mistreated, held back, dismissed, because supervisors didn’t like them. My idealism was replaced by realism. Mistreatment of friends and family makes my blood boil. Mistreatment can happen even in unlikely places like faith-based schools and nursing homes. It certainly will not be fixed by Trump and his gang. We need leaders with a heart, the likes of Otto von Bismark (Social Security/medicine), FDR (Social Security), JFK (Peace Corps), LBJ (Medicare), Clinton (budget surplus), Obama (Affordable Care Act); people who did the most good for the most people.

Folks, please follow the advice of Stan Smith; vote for good people who protect labor laws.

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