Red Light cameras


CEDAR FALLS —- Red light cameras have become a necessity. Even with the welcomed Public Safety Officers on Cedar Falls roadways, intersections continue to be less safe during signal transitions. Cedar Falls will someday see the benefit of red light cameras in the reflection of freshly waxed funeral coaches. A line of hearses to take an entire family to their final resting place will cause the city to take notice and address the dangerous intersection behavior.

There will be a trial for the murder of a person or family and the lead prosecutor will be an iPhone. The lead witness will be an empty spot where the red light camera should have been. The defense will be the reckless driver and city that refused to take steps toward improvement.

To those that don’t want to live in or visit a community that utilizes cameras? Fine. You are frightened of your right to run a red light be infringed upon by a camera that does not have emotion and cannot discriminate? Fine.

University Avenue is great — Rownd Street intersection needs red light cameras. Every intersection that does not have a roundabout needs red light cameras. Install Hudson Road cameras first. Terrible behavior there.

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