Letter: Take care of yourself

Letter: Take care of yourself

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WATERLOO -- Let's go back to simple anatomy and look at every human being's beginnings. The study is called embryology. A male and female cell united and formed one cell which developed the nervous tissue or central nervous system called the brain and spinal cord. Gray's Anatomy describes our nervous system controlling and coordinating all (not some, but all) organs and tissues and enabling the organism to adapt to its environment.

Everything in the human body is differentiated from nerve tissue, including our natural immunity which fights against invading microorganisms (fever?). Our nervous system directly affects our immune system.

Chiropractic care aligns our biomechanical frame, freeing the nerve interference, empowering our bodies to function at its highest level, especially our immune system. Microorganisms were created to decompose or cleanup weak, rotten, dead tissue, not healthy, vibrant, live tissue. If that was not true, there would be no living things on Earth.

Yes, we can follow the CDC's guidelines to keep our outer environment clean, but the inner environment does the true fighting. Those who are immune-compromised/deficient are at the greatest risk.

Proper rest, good water and nutrition, exercise and devotional prayer (Psalm 91) adds to our rest on higher ground with hope.


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