Letter: Silent no more

Letter: Silent no more

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WATERLOO -- Our society has changed drastically in the past 50 years from a culture that highly valued human life. We proudly referred to it as the (sanctity of life). Now we live in a (culture of death.) We have let our leaders make decisions for us that drastically lowered the sanctity or value of life. The lowering of the value of human life has allowed some mindsets to think that taking another’s life is no big deal. It took time but it’s here now.

The senseless shootings in our schools, malls, and other public and private places are a direct result of other senseless, but legally approved taking of human lives. It’s called abortion. The blame for the shocking shootings belongs to our Supreme Court and its decision to legalize abortion. Stopping these senseless shootings will take many years: 55,000,000 deaths by abortion must be cleansed from the mindsets of future potential shooters.

Raising the value of human life will be obstructed by others trying to legalize physician-assisted suicide, mercy killing of the ill, disabled, elderly and more.

It won’t be easy, but to prevent government approval will require the silent among us to be silent no more.


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