DUNKERTON --- Ayaan Hirsi Ali wrote a recent editorial entitled “Can Ilhan Omar Overcome Her Prejudice?” She fully understands how Omar and her ilk have been able move Islamists to the forefront of victim class. She states, “Islamists have understood well how to couple Muslim anti-Semitism with the American left’s vague notion of “social justice.” “They have succeeded in couching their agenda in the progressive framework of the oppressed versus the oppressor.” “Identity politics and victimhood culture also provide Islamists with the vocabulary to deflect their critics with accusations of “Islamophobia, “white privilege” and “insensitivity.”

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Rashida Tlaib played this card recently warning Nancy Pelosi to “understand” what she is doing when she criticizes “women of color.” Pelosi also folded when faced with blatant anti-Semitism and watered down the House condemnation to a general version which omitted Ilhan Omar by name. Later the same Pelosi pushed for condemnation of the president’s tweets focused on the radical four calling what amounted to the 2019 version of “My country love it or leave it,” as “racist.” Their ploys may play well in the media and Democratic strongholds, but be assured it does not play well with the majority of the country.

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