WATERLOO --- In addition to the great economy, low unemployment, improving the VA, prison reform and other things, President Trump has also done a good job on military issues.

He began with telling his military leadership to defeat ISIS and then let them do their job. They pushed ISIS out of their territory and back into the shadows. We haven't heard much about ISIS since.

Next, when Syria used chemical weapons on civilians he bombed Syria airports with some 50 missiles. When Syria used chemicals a second time he organized a coalition with France and Great Britain and bombed them again this time destroying the chemical plant. We haven't heard much about Syria and chemical weapons since.

President Trump showed restraint when Iran shot down our drone. The military had a response ready but he decided innocent civilian lives would be lost so stopped the attack. Instead he uses sanctions to try and get Iran to act like good neighbors.

He also uses sanctions to try and get North Korea to change. And yes, he actually talks nice to a dictator to try and end a war and prevent a nuclear disaster.

We couldn't ask for a better commander!

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