Letter: No masks

Letter: No masks

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OELWEIN -- I am all for protecting yourself while out in public. Social distancing should have been a norm because of this crisis. I have taught my children to wash their hands each and every time after using the bathroom and when they have gotten them dirty, to make sure they wash them before they start to prepare meals.

These are all things that should be taught before children start going to school; it is not up to teachers (who have enough things the government want our children to learn) to teach our children.

Going to a store now requires us to wear a face mask. I personally have a problem with this due to PTSD. As a rape survivor I have a severe fear of anything covering my face and head and have panic attacks. Being required to wear a mask I am now subject to reliving that in my mind in public places. I know I have the option of having someone else shop for me but then that takes away my being able to live a life of my own, to choose what I want, if I want it, to make decisions.

Practice social distancing, keep the masks off.

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