WATERLOO --- In the Aug. 4 paper, Ernest Nunnally went on a typical liberal rant about Trump and those of us who support him. In fact, he went as far as to label Trump supports as fascists. As a Trump supporter, I’d like to respond. Ernest may call me a fascistm but my friends call me a United States veteran. I joined the military to fight against every aspect of fascism, and am personally insulted by the notion that because I support my commander in chief, I’m a fascist.

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This is the new normal, though. Ernest says everything Trump touches is “immoral and illegal,” yet I’m sure he personally supports allowing illegal immigrants to walk right into our country. Kind of the pot calling the kettle black, eh? They say if you see something, say something. I hope law enforcement took note of Ernest’s hate-filled letter. The left is truly coming unhinged. They can’t beat Trump on the economy, they can’t beat him on taxes, they can’t beat him on foreign policy, so they keep coming back to Russia and Muller.

Both of which have no merit. Your party controls the House now, Ernest. Impeach the President. I dare ya.

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