SHELL ROCK --- I read with interest David Mansheim's letter (Oct. 1) about Sen. Joni Ernst being blind to President Trump's arms-for-dirt scandal. This week, I watched in amazement as Ernst, Sen. Chuck Grassley and most of the Republican leadership did their best imitation of Sgt. Schultz on "Hogan's Heroes:" "I see nothing. I know nothing."

This president brands whistleblowers as spies and traitors to be executed. He hints at civil war if Congress follows the Constitutional remedy of impeachment. He claims he is a victim of a coup. Like every tin-pot dictator ever, he declares that criticism of him is disloyalty to the country. Like a mad king, he sends cabinet officials around the world chasing will-o-wisp conspiracy theories. He uses the office of the presidency for his own financial and political gain.

Upon the report that 30 Republican senators would vote for impeachment if the vote were by secret ballot instead of a public roll call, Senator Sasse said that was absolutely wrong -- it would be 35. What has become of leadership when our Republican senators stifle their conscious in fear, hypocrisy and lemming-like allegiance to their party?

I support the impeachment of Donald Trump.

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