Letter: Have you noticed?

Letter: Have you noticed?

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WATERLOO -- Have you noticed who quarterbacked the stem of illegal migrants from Central America, teaming with Mexico to curb the flow at Mexico's southern border? How about who initiated relations with NOKO, and fair trade with China and Europe? How about who loves our anthem, flag and country, and clearly puts US citizens first? Or how about demonstrated respect for the sanctity of life itself? Of course we have, but not among today's "candidates."

Trump, the non-establishment businessman, as our CEO of the USA, distinguishes himself as a gritty problem solver - performing the responsibilities of Congress, all while sustaining relentless, undeserved and venomous animus from the collusive, manipulative media. The D.C. establishment is paranoid from witnessing progress made in months versus years, decades, or never. CEO Trump inherited a lame duck, unproductive and dangerously partisan Congress, and is forced to do their work.

I've concluded our USA needs not a new president, but desperately needs a functional Congress with the same dedication, patriotism and demonstrated skills as our CEO, and that haven't sold their souls to PACS/lobbyists.


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