CEDAR FALLS --- One-hundred-ten mass shootings since 1982. (Mother Jones magazine). U.S. attacks are also deadlier with highest casualties the last 10 years: 58 killed in Las Vegas, 49 in Orlando, 27 at Sandy Hook, and 22 at El Paso. House legislators passed two bills. Senators need to step up now.

Joni Ernst stated: “...overly restrictive gun control laws do very little to deter criminals while imposing unnecessary burdens on law-abiding Americans.” I disagree. Shooters are not law-abiding and intend to do harm.

When New Zealand faced a mass shooting, it took three days to ban assault weapons and high capacity magazines.

  • Pass laws restricting guns similar to New Zealand banning assault type weapons.
  • Register guns similar to drivers’ licenses. Require proof of passing a gun safety course.
  • Enact a required waiting period and mental health/background checks.
  • Require private sales of guns comply with federal legislation.

According to a May Quinnipac poll, 73% of Americans say more needs to be done. Sixty-one percent favor stricter gun laws. Congress must act to strengthen gun laws and protect all law-abiding citizens. Retailers Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods say the status quo is unacceptable. Keep calling or writing senators to take action now.

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