CEDAR FALLS --- Christian means Christ follower. Jesus urged love for and compassion for others. He told the story of the sheep and the goats separating them by what they did for "the least of these," specifically naming the stranger and the prisoners. He often quoted the Old Testament too.

The State Department has proposed only 1,500 slots for asylum seekers from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. The Trump administration intends to send Latinos seeking asylum in the U.S. back, knowing they risk death. While here or interred in Mexico awaiting hearings, our government makes sure their lives as made as miserable as possible.

Honduras has a murder rate of 90.4/100,000; El Salvador 41.2/100,000; Guatemala has 39.9/100,000. Extreme poverty and our insatiable desire for drugs contribute to the danger these families face.

Jesus touched the lepers, ate with "sinners," chastised the religious leaders for their lack of compassion. He even advocated that if someone had two coats and saw his brother in need, he should give one to him. He hated corruption and even overturned tables in the temple. No wonder they wanted him dead!

Why are those who worship God silent? We are not voiceless.

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