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LETTER: Fake news cartoon

LETTER: Fake news cartoon

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Fake news


GRUNDY CENTER -- The Stahler cartoon in the Nov. 16 Courier on page A5 is disgusting, and a lie from end to end. Fake news at its worst if you will. Right in the middle above our nation's flag is the "FAKE VIRUS" balloon. Really, can you show me where the White House or the president ever said the Wuhan virus was fake? You must be thinking of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, all of whom made fun of President Trump in January and February when he began to block immigration from China. Some of the vaunted national "FAKE POLLS" were off as much as 17% in Biden’s favor. "FAKE NEWS" abounded from the Democrats, first created in the Obama White House, (Russia, Russia, Russia) for three years, not Trump’s White House! "FAKE BALLOTS"? Thousands of supposed military ballots came in from overseas, in one batch, not one was found for Trump? What are the odds of that? "FAKE VOTERS"? There was a lot of evidence of the dead voting.

The balloon for "FAKE ELECTION OUTCOME" is news to me. "CROOKED ELECTION OUTCOME" is a better fit! Maybe you should look into it? Until someone does, that one remains to be seen!


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