WATERLOO --- Regarding Red Flag laws and the actual installment of such laws in some states, these things stand out:

--- Anyone can go to a judge regarding someone they consider as "scary."

--- This judge then issues the OK for law enforcement to confiscate said person's legally owned firearm(s).

--- Once confiscated, the defendant is denied their day in court to confront the accuser.

--- All burden of proof is upon the accused, not the accuser, which is upside down from our system of justice. Where is our belief in innocent until proven guilty?

--- All this is based without any crime having been committed.

--- Thousands of dollars in costs for the accused to regain their 2nd Amendment rights (which were unconstitutionally stripped to begin with) are incurred.

There are those demanding "common sense" laws to address gun violence. When is it common sense to punish someone for a non-crime based on suspicion and then assume they are guilty until provide innocent?

Hitler used the argument that confiscation of guns would greatly reduce/eliminate crime.  This confiscation of guns from all German citizens also applied to their own World War I veterans.

Be careful of what we consider as common sense.

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