Letter: Column response

Letter: Column response

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CEDAR RAPIDS --- As a Waterloo expat myself, I find it very interesting that Josh Wilson (guest column Jan. 8) exhibits such concern for his hometown ("It’s not too late to take back Waterloo government"). It attempts to exert the local control and will of its citizens that his alleged political beliefs trumpet - and yet when this very sort of action flies in the face of his actual interests, the puppet must thrash about in according how his strings are pulled.

The same Iowa Code he cites as being at issue was disingenuously adopted at the behest of not only preventing progressive localities from paying a higher (read: somewhat fair) minimum wage, but also as a pure exercise of power from a group of conservatives who live to stick it to those they hold in contempt. Make no mistake: Josh Wilson isn't bothered by Waterloo's duly-elected officials' potential conflict with their "oath to support the constitution of the state of Iowa" - just that the interests he represents will have a harder time discriminating against hard-working citizens for absolutely spurious reasons.

If you're so concerned, Josh, move back home and run for office again on your beliefs - maybe you'll win this time?


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