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Letter: Cancel culture

Letter: Cancel culture

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Cancel culture


TRIPLOI -- Normally I read Dennis Clayson's Sunday comic only to refresh my general anger, but I found myself agreeing with at least some of what he said (July 26).

He was critical of the New York Times and the left in general for their embrace of the "cancel culture," which basically tries to silence views with which they disagree.

He cited a Times editor who resigned, and an assistant who was demoted for allowing an op-ed by Sen. Tom Cotton to be published.

He also cited the example of the Times poor treatment of one of my favorite columnists, Bari Weiss, who resigned complaining she was bullied by colleagues because of her lack of "ideological orthodoxy." Clayson ends his exposition of leftist hypocrisy with the statement that "the left has become distanced from those they claim to represent."

Fair enough. I agree cancel culture is wrong, but it is not confined to the left. If you could ask Colin Powell, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Jeb Bush, and Jeff Sessions, stalwart Republicans all, what happened to them when they disagreed with a guy who changed his registration to GOP a month before he announced his presidential run. They were openly mocked and silenced, kind of like Colin Kaepernick.


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