CEDAR FALLS --- When Fred Abraham (column June 30) declares our duly elected President Trump an awful man and a bad president, it makes me wonder how many other people also suffer from some sort of Trump derangement or at least politically inspired stupidity. The POTUS was not elected because he was a perfect person, but because he is an achiever, a doer and an American patriot with a vision for making America a better country. America’s majority is growing sick of media and other lefties continually hammering our leader who has accomplished more in 2½ years than most do in eight, all the while absorbing a fraudulent “special Investigation” that proved him and his campaign innocent. In the face of 90% negatively biased press coverage, he has achieved major milestones.

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Under his leadership Trump has bolstered a weak economy (Fred overlooked), created millions of jobs, reduced unemployment, reduced Federal tax rates, slashed unnecessary Federal regulation, fashioned fairer multi-nation support for NATO, emphasized making America energy-independent and done all in his power to correct illegal immigration at America’s southern border. Meanwhile, Democratic Congressional leaders focus only on their personal careers’ refusing to recognize obvious American priorities and/or develop new bi-partisan legislation. Reconsider facts and let’s MAGA.

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