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Iowa's new gun laws are ridiculous

Iowa's new gun laws are ridiculous

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Now that your mindless governor has bowed to all the crazed Republicans to hide behind the constitutional right to bear arms, we are certainly in a safer world.

If these people would put as much effort into the constitutional right to vote, or maybe the idea that all men are created equal, we could find a little more peace in our country.

We all know what the 2nd Amendment was originally for, and to continue to use this as your guiding theme is ridiculous. The world could be a better place without this constant drivel.

Mark Hoover, Independence




Right to vote

Voting is a basic right.

We should be encouraging people to vote, not making it harder. Voting is one of the most fundamental rights of a democracy. People with mobility problems and minority groups have just as much of a right to vote as any other citizen. The recent election had more people participating than past elections. We can do better, and we should not be shortening the hours and dates that make voting more difficult. And if I am in a long line waiting to exercise my civic duty on a hot day, what is wrong with someone offering me a drink of water?

David Nation, Cedar Falls

License lunacy

We appear to no longer have any gun laws in this state. According to Rep. Sandy Salmon and the GOP there is no need for licensing or background checks for most pistol or AR-15 purchases, and anyone can now openly carry a weapon into most any building or establishment. The Republican "explanation" for this insanity is that "criminals and scofflaws will get guns anyway, and will not pay attention to licenses or rules, so why should 'legal citizens' have to jump through government' hoops?" Fair enough.

I now propose we no longer license drivers in the state of Iowa, and require no driving test, vision test, training, understanding of traffic laws, nor even check if you can drive an automobile in a straight line. After all, barred or utterly incompetent drivers might just drive anyway, so why encumber legal drivers with silly rules and licensing requirements?

I hope you all realize that this is sarcasm, as I fear, upon reflection, our current Legislature and governor might well take it seriously.

Ron Orf, Tripoli

Pass PRO Act

A good union job like the one I had for 24 years before retiring provided for me and my family. The union made sure that I was being taken care of at work with proper safety protocols as well as proper pay. Now that I am a retired union member, I have a certain sense of security because of the union and its work to ensure that I received fair benefits. Thank goodness for my pension. Thank goodness for my union.

I just wish everyone had the opportunity to join or form a union. There is currently legislation with just that in mind. The Protecting the Right to Organize (PRO) Act is waiting in the Senate currently. It needs to have Sen. Joni Ernst and Sen. Chuck Grassley as co-sponsors or at the very least they need to vote for it.

The PRO Act will lead to so many great things for workers in this country. Aside from the benefit of a livable wage, the health insurance, the retirement planning and matching funds, this bill will protect workers from being taken advantage of by employers who don’t wish to act in good faith.

We must pass the PRO Act.

Sue Vogel, Waterloo

Biden's lies

Joe Biden recently pushed a narrative that tagged a legislative measure in Georgia as “voter suppression,” warning of a return to the Jim Crow era. He lied. In fact, so pathetically obvious was this whopper that even the leftist Washington Post had to call him out. Were there a Race Hustlers’ Hall of Shame, Biden’s bust would figure prominently. Biden fancies himself the grandfatherly overseer of black Americans.

“Jim Crow” laws were actually segregation tools used throughout the South roughly from 1877 into the 1960s. Those laws were written, passed, and enforced primarily by Democrats like Biden’s “good friend” Sen. Robert “Sheets” Byrd, who himself tried to torpedo the Civil Rights Act of 1964.

Photo IDs represent “voter suppression?” The only thing a voter ID suppresses is voter fraud. Every John Deere worker must present his photo ID each day to gain entry. Is John Deere then engaged in “worker suppression?” Stoking racial division is a sleazy though often effective political tactic. Hopefully, voters are on to Biden’s shameless scam. People of all political persuasion should publicly and aggressively condemn Biden’s latest cynical dive into racial antagonism. He’s clumsily playing the race card. What’s worse, he’s doing it with a lie.

Steve Kapler, Waterloo

Back biofuels

Over a year ago, COVID-19 brought about some very significant changes to our lives. Some changes, like plexiglass barriers at restaurants, will likely endure. Others can’t be gone fast enough, especially when it comes to limiting interactions with loved ones. Change, as the old adage goes, is the only real constant in life.

On the question of E15 though, Iowa is ready to make a lasting change. There is no reason to wait. E15 is a high-octane fuel blend that contains 15% ethanol as opposed to the traditional 10%. I encourage our lawmakers to stand with Gov. Kim Reynolds to ensure access to this lower-cost option at the pump.

Currently, 248 locations in Iowa offer E15, and most of our existing fuel infrastructure is already compatible with the blend. Making it a standard option is the right thing to do, and it could inject a surge of economic growth in our rural and urban communities.

We need our legislators to support statewide access to E15. Iowa is America’s top biofuel producer, and no one is better positioned to showcase the path to higher blends.

Vic Miller, Oelwein

We're all people

I'm becoming more and more confused when discussions are supposed to be between two people of differing opinions, but in today's day and age, it is quickly becoming a one-sided discussion because one party is afraid to say anything as they may get sued, arrested or banned for a innocent comment the other side sees as a personal attack, and decides to be quiet instead and the other side sees that as admittance of offense. We are all one people. Yet in today's society only one group of people are becoming silent not by decision but by litigation to silence them. No one should use a personal or group agenda based on making them better than another. That's not what America's about. There should be no minorities but only a majority of one people. This can be achieved by simply eliminating the word minority and replacing it with it with all peoples. No man, woman, black, white, Mexican or anything else. Only people. Our kids don't see anything but a person in front of them; maybe we adults should learn what's right from them.

Steven Wilcox, Cedar Falls

Follow Trump's lead

Democrats openly say they will remove the Electoral College so that sparsely populated, rural states would be totally outvoted by cities. In addition, they want to add more states, such as Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico to provide more senators to create a permanent one-party rule. The Democratic leaders assert they will reverse core parts of our Bill of Rights so we could be jailed for owning a gun to defend ourselves, as the Minutemen did, against enemies foreign and domestic.

As we continue to see the clamp down of our civil liberties via lockdowns, the tech giants quashing speech, and the impending total control of our health care, the American people may soon find themselves in an enslaved state.

Never have so few been bent on hurting so many in America.

The massive 75+ million vote for Trump is the mass that has been aroused. They may be the only firewall remaining to protect American constitutional values. Trump led the way. Who will follow?

Dave Smith, Waterloo

Rescind AUMF

In 2002 Congress passed the Authorization for Use of Military Force in Iraq. This 2002 AUMF gave the president the power to authorize the war against Saddam Hussein’s regime and to use U.S. armed forces as “necessary and appropriate” to “defend U.S. national security against the continuing threat posed by Iraq”. Since Saddam Hussein’s regime was overthrown in 2003 and the end to the U.S. missions in Iraq was declared in 2011, the 2002 AUMF is outdated and no longer necessary.

It is long past time to place the power to declare war back into the hands of Congress and prevent the misuse of the 2002 AUMF to justify any unauthorized new military actions. Congress has the constitutional duty to determine if and when the United States goes to war. I applaud Sen. Chuck Grassley for so-sponsoring S.J. Res. 10 which would repeal both the 2002 Iraq AUMF and the 1991 Gulf War AUMF which are no longer relevant. Several of us have spoken with the office Sen. Joni Ernst about this topic and urge her to also co-sponsor S.J. Res. 10.

Mary Reinking, Oelwein


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