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WATERLOO – The main topic of the Waterloo city elections seems to be taxes. For the last several years our City Council has been split between those who want to lower taxes and those who just spend without asking questions.

To me it seems to boil down to business experience. Councilmen Tom Powers and Pat Morrissey have spent almost all of their careers working in the public sector. Candidate Sharon Juon also has no private sector experience. I like to vote for candidates who have had experience running a business or organization that can’t simply raise taxes when they run into difficult financial situations. Tom Lind, April Leadley and Margaret Klein have all managed private sector budgets and understand how to make tough decisions and balance a checkbook.

With Waterloo’s taxes still higher than so many other cities our size I think it’s time to elect individuals to the City Council who can make smart financial decisions and be good stewards of the taxpayer’s money. On Nov. 7, I will be voting against the candidates who have made a living off the taxpayer and for the candidates who want to lower our taxes!

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