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Biden's incompetence is indelibly clear

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After six disheartening months of immeasurable and consequential mismanagement, it's indelibly clear the U.S. suffers from a disoriented, incoherent and incompetent faux president. Unaccomplished throughout 40 years in the legislature, doing his senile shuffle while unraveling four years of pragmatic progress, stumbling along with CliffsNotes, pre-approved press questions, prepared responses, directed to predetermined reporters, recognizing he'd collapse if treated like his predecessor.

Even more indelibly clear is the realization that ethnicity and gender are completely irrelevant job qualifications, even in a federal government as disgusting, dysfunctional and irresponsible as we're witnessing with the 117th Congress. Yet they were Democrat's top two criteria for VP? Biden owns the million plus illegals he's politically and illegitimately invited into our republic. Harris was assigned that task and still hasn't witnessed, or addressed, the deluge at McAllen. Harris relishes prosecuting the Kavanaugh family while ignoring a million illegals invading our country. If Harris's glaring ineptitude doesn't concern American taxpayers, it should.

And it's precisely why Biden requires prayers, Harris deserves impeachment, most of Congress should resign, and the media that fostered this charade administration must be boycotted into bankruptcy.

Paul Higgins, Waterloo


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