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Letters to the Editor

Be skeptical of corporate-owned media

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Do you trust what you have seen, heard, or read from mainstream media sources? Why?

A 2016-2019 study by the nonpartisan and nonprofit group Swiss Policy Research concluded most of the news in Western media derives from only three agencies based in New York, London and Paris: the AP, Reuters, and Agence France-Presse (AFP).

The study claimed these agencies report on the same topics using the same wording, and that “governments, military and intelligence services” use them as “multipliers to spread their messages around the world.” Additionally, Wikipedia and other online “fact-checkers” simply cite the same state-sponsored narratives.

More than 90% of American media is owned by six corporations doing big business with Big Pharma: News Corp, Time-Warner, Comcast, Sony, Viacom, and Disney.

Log onto and search “newscasters agree” or query “Sinclair’s soldiers” to see examples of verbatim scripting. Sinclair Broadcasting Group is the largest TV station operator in America.

Remember when we once treated low-mortality coronaviruses with chicken soup and tea instead of collectivism?

History proves how governments that can publicly demand to see “your papers” at whim have killed millions more people than COVID-19.

Skepticism is an antidote to deception. Try it. Your children will thank you someday.

Jeffery Fischel, Cedar Falls


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