A recent opinion piece from a Washington Post writer admitted the Green New Deal was crazy, but it couldn’t help rhapsodizing about how positively audacious it was, especially as a way to fight global warming.

The writer got the first part correct.

The so-called Green New Deal is a liberal set of proposed economic stimulus programs meant to compel huge investments in “clean” energy jobs and infrastructure to counteract climate change and the transform the economy.

To accept the Green New Deal as an effective weapon against global warming, one would need to accept a series of propositions.

1. The current rise of average temperatures will continue into the future.

2. If the temperatures continue to rise, the cause is greenhouse gases.

3. If greenhouse gases continue to rise, the cause is certain human behavior.

4. If the cause is human behavior, then humans can stop global warming.

5. If humans can stop global warming, it must be done through government action.

6. If government action can stop it, government action will not have unintended consequences.

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7. If there are unintended consequences, then they will not be negative for the average citizen.

8. If they are not negative for the average citizen, then the average person will experience positive consequences.

9. If the average citizen experiences positive consequences, then the socialist paradise will finally be achieved.

This sequence would have to be successfully navigated for the promise of the Green New Deal to be realized. Each step would eliminate a certain percentage of rational people. The only ones left above level 6 or 7 would be wild-eyed ideologues and the deranged. The Washington Post writer is correct, The Green New Deal is indeed crazy.

Some will support the New Green Deal by simply jumping to level 8. This is essentially what some of the Democratic candidates have done. Like mummies that never die, they have crawled out of the tombs still embracing the ideals of a socialist nirvana that has never successfully existed. It has been tried numerous times with success roughly equivalent to how watered down the socialism was with practices that actually work.

Steps 5 through 9 also explain why so many are reluctant to support propositions 1 through 4.

In fact, the gambit isn’t about the environment at all, it has more to do with political opportunism than global warming, or anything “green.” The New Deal is a bribe to obtain votes from those who still believe in magic and those who couldn’t care less as long as the government pays for what they want.

Yes, they still believe the government and “the rich” have secret stashes, and the new breed of political candidates promise you can steal as much of it as you want and still be sanctimoniously pure.

All you have to do is vote early and vote often.

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Dennis Clayson is a marketing professor at the University of Northern Iowa. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not reflect those of the University of Northern Iowa.


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