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Having just returned from a working trip to China, I note my article about sexual predators and Hillary Clinton raised a small stink.

The hyper-sensitive crowd, as usual, expressed their shock and dismay someone would say something not entirely to their liking, followed by the now mandatory demand for censorship.

Since I am a very small fish in a small pond, it doesn’t really matter much what I write, so the reaction came as somewhat of a surprise.

Nevertheless, here is a response.

First, it was satire. Evidently the sensitivity police don’t recognize satire because they know what you “really meant.”

Second, I referred to the good judge Roy Moore and the predators who populate the entertainment industry as slime balls.

Third, the article suggests that instead of the slime balls denying the accusation in the media, they should prove their innocence in court, which would constitute a much more difficult defense.

Fourth, I logically suggested if they go to court, they should get a good lawyer, one with experience in the area.

Fifth, it was then suggested even if they are guilty, they might want to make the same arguments that have been used in the past. Please note every one of these has been previously approved by the politically correct in defense of liberal slime balls.

a) Women claiming untoward behavior of powerful men have been said to be politically motivated and cash-driven. If my memory serves, I believe Bill Clinton’s accusers were called “trailer trash” and “bimbos.”

b) Try claiming the accusations are not serious. There is nothing to see here. Just cover it up, no one will remember. Sound familiar? It should. For decades, this has been the media defense of liberals who mistreated women. Remember both Kennedys? One could argue Nobel Prize winner Al Gore’s preference for a good hotel massage fell into this category.

c) There was no real crime committed. Dallying with an intern in your office during working hours may be bad form, but a crime? Only after decades have some of the Clinton faithful begun to question the wisdom of this claim.

d) What do these claims have to do with the slime balls doing their jobs? Go look it up. This is exactly the argument our good Sen. Tom Harkin made in defense of President Clinton.

And who ran the “bimbo eruption” unit during those years directly out of the White House? Why, it was our own Hillary Clinton.

Sixth, we do live in a sexually saturated society, something conservatives have been voicing and complaining about for years only to be told they are prudish and old-fashioned. Wasn’t it the with-it media types who recently had a good time laughing about Vice President Mike Pence’s insisting his wife accompany him on social events and some private meetings?

So without even suggesting, or even insinuating any insensitivity toward women, I am the one who needs to be silenced for daring to point out the sexual hypocrisy of those in power. Interesting.

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Dennis Clayson is a marketing professor at the University of Northern Iowa.


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