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I mentioned last week that the far left’s animosity about white males is beyond odd and far into the bizarre.

It is startling an entire political movement would adopt this as a foundational issue.

Young people were encouraged to vote to cancel out the votes of older, white males. We were told women would rise up in opposition to white males in such numbers the government would fall into the hands of … whom? Another group of older, white males?

We were told during the Kavanaugh hearings older, white males could not question a woman even though her claim would have the potential of changing the power structure of an entire country. Only another woman could question a woman.

Is it actually true that women look at their husbands and their own sons with hatred because they happen to be white and male?

Is it really true that the animosity is so deep that the purveyors can’t see the ageism, sexism and racial bigotry inherent in their position? Is defining and hating a group because of its race and gender now OK? We must have gotten on the wrong train and gotten off in the twilight zone.

Then there are the politically correct white males themselves. An Ogallala Sioux is supposed to say he or she is “proud” of their identity. Being black is full of dignity. Women are caring and enlightened. White males must hang their heads in shame.

Can you imagine a left-leaning, middle or upper class college educated male saying he is a white male and proud of it?

In some Ivy League schools, a professor who stood up in public and said he was proud to be a white male would probably lose his job.

So the worst thing you can be in the modern leftist world is a racial or gender bigot unless, of course, you are opposing racial and gender bigots whom you have identified by their race and gender.


This illogical animosity clouds other issues. Notice, for example, in the immigration debate there is one question that is never asked. Why would a person want to come here in the first place? Why would a woman gather up her children and begin walking 2,000 miles to the United States? I say women and children because I’ve seen the pictures, which typically go to great lengths to portray women and children.

Surely, this woman wouldn’t want to live in a country where older, white males hold so much evil power.

And if older, white males are not so powerful, why would she want to live in a country where so many people display racial and gender bigotry toward older, white males?

Ah, maybe she is a philosopher and understands that certain groups cannot be bigots based on their actual behavior, because their group identity, by definition, prohibits bigotry.

Perhaps if this woman can figure it out, we can invite her on campus to enlighten the faculty. I’ll volunteer to tend her children.

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Dennis Clayson is a marketing professor at the University of Northern Iowa. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not reflect those of the UNI. of Northern Iowa.


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