In America, we now spend half of our time campaigning for the next presidential election, and the other half trying to destroy whoever is currently in office.

For what purpose?

Citizens have become like a piece of flotsam bouncing up and down on the waves of a sea, never getting to see under the surface or ever getting to the shore.

Almost all the political news is a rant promoted by special interests, or a call for the personal destruction of others because of a set of rules materialized out of the never-ending retelling of the abuse and anger of one group or another.

Organizations and governments are frozen into inaction because of bureaucratic process and thousands upon thousands of regulations. Governments no longer govern but act as echo chambers for bureaucrats and special interests feeding at the public trough.

Congress has a 20 percent confidence rating from the American public, lower than any other major institution in the country, and it has refused to make any meaningful changes.

Yet, it has been almost impossible to explain to the powerful in the media and in both parties why Donald Trump was elected, and why he still has the support of almost half of all Americans.

The voters keep trying to send a message, but governments and those who benefit from them refuse to listen. It is rare for the electorate to allow one party to take control of a government. They will generally split power into different segments even if it deadlocks the government. The voters obviously do not trust government to do the right thing.

With perhaps one exception, for 40 years the voters have elected Washington outsiders for president who have one thing in common. One way or another, they each have promised to get government off our backs. None have succeeded.

We now have a nation run by thousands upon thousands of rules processed by millions of bureaucrats who cannot be fired or, in most cases, even reprimanded.

Politicians campaign, but they do not govern. They spend their time posturing in front of cameras and trying to say or do something that will get some attention in the media for a few hours. Changes are drastically needed, tax laws are a mess, regulations are costing unnecessary trillions of dollars, anyone can be sued for anything and tort reform is overdue. Education doesn’t need more money, it needs fundamental restructuring. But neither the Democrats nor the Republicans want to actually do anything. Doing something will only cause trouble.Insiders still seem to believe Trump was elected because voters are stupid. The electorate, however, seem to be aware of how dysfunctional our governmental systems have become and keep trying to send a message. A message that is continually being ignored.

What should be done is difficult to articulate, but I recommend a new book by Philip Howard titled “Try Common Sense,” (which goes after both liberals and conservatives) for an insightful picture of what needs to change in America.

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Dennis Clayson is a marketing professor at the University of Northern Iowa. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the author.

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